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Bandages, splints, compression stockings... Klinicare has it all and takes your measurements

support stockings

Need a bandage or splint?

Klinicare Shop Bénélux has everything you need to support you. We also make made-to-measure compression stockings to improve your venous health and well-being. To take care of yourself, we have a product to suit every problem for optimal blood circulation.

Types of bandages and compressions

Our range includes a wide variety of orthoses, more commonly known as splints, all designed to provide effective support and stabilisation.

We also offer different types of compressions related to venous health, including : 

  • compression stockings;

  • support stockings;

  • therapeutic stockings;

  • stockings in natural materials (linen, cotton).

support stockings

These medical stockings, made to measure for you in our shop, are specially designed to meet your compression needs. The active, controlled pressure of these stockings improves blood circulation in your legs.

We also have a selection of essential accessories to make using bandages, splints and compression stockings easier. Whether it's for putting on stockings, using gloves or washing nets to extend the life of your stockings, or suitable washing products, we have a wide variety.

general practitioner

Mutual reimbursement

Please note that splints and compression stockings require a medical prescription from your doctor before you can benefit from any reimbursement from your health insurance company. Please note that if your doctor specifies a particulaar brand in the prescription, we are obliged to supply that brand. We'll give you full details and conditions in the shop.


Taking your measurements

To ensure an optimum fit and effective support, all measurements must be taken accurately. Our experienced team is on hand to guide you through the process, taking your measurements every weekday morning from 9 am to 11 am.

Discover our range of made-to-measure bandages and compressions* for effective support. Klinicare guarantees you high-quality products and expert advice. Take care of yourself and regain your well-being!

*No exchanges or refunds.

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See you online or in our store!

Discover our selection and adopt the solutions adapted to your personal expectations. Klinicare in Uccle is there to support you, advise you and make your daily life more comfortable.

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