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Call on Klinicare's expertise for your incontinence and regain your confidence

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Finally find comfort and safety

Do you suffer from incontinence and are you looking for the right equipment? Klinicare Shop Benelux has a complete range tailored to your specific needs. Discover a variety of top-quality products and finally rediscover comfort and security. You will also receive personalised advice to meet your individual needs and preferences.

  • Different types of underwear: we offer pants, briefs or anatomical underwear. Use our advice to choose the solution that suits you best. Our underwear is available in a wide range of absorbencies, from normal to maxi, plus and super, to give you optimum protection.

  • Bands for light bladder weakness: for those with light bladder weakness, we have a selection of bands specially designed to provide discreet yet reliable protection. Feel confident and enjoy your daily activities to the full!

  • Urinals: we offer urinals for both men and women, designed for optimum comfort and ease of use.

  • Care range: this range has been specially developed for incontinence care and includes a wide choice of products such as urine bags, pouches, cases and more.

  • Accessories: we also have a selection of practical accessories to complete your equipment. From urine holders to leg ties for urine bags, not forgetting hygienic bucket protectors, we've thought of everything.

  • Care creams for the seat (irritation, redness, etc.), solutions for bedsores

Discover our wide selection of specialized care equipment on our e-shop and in store.

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The best recommendations for regaining freedom and comfort

For the Klinicare Shop Benelux team, each person is unique. That's why we provide you with personalised recommendations based on your build, your level of incontinence and the type of absorption you desire. Find solutions that perfectly match your profile and your daily life. Our top-quality brands will give you peace of mind!

Discover high-performance equipment from Klinicare Shop Benelux in Uccle. Follow our advice in-shop and quickly regain your freedom and comfort.

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