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Choose Klinicare for optimal comfort in your home

optimum comfort in your home

Finally find comfort and safety

The Klinicare team wants to focus on the personal well-being of each patient. In certain situations, this comfort also involves adapting your home to suit your health. It is essential that you feel at ease in your own environment. That's why we offer you a complete range of equipment designed to make your daily life easier. Nothing is imposed on you when you buy; we simply advise you according to your situation and your requirements.

All the necessary support equipment for your home and improve your well-being today.

Adapted furniture

We offer a selection of adapted furniture to help you achieve optimum comfort at home. From medical beds to bed tables and patient lifts, we have the solution to make your daily life easier and ensure your well-being.

Bathroom equipment

The bathroom is an essential room where safety is paramount. We have a wide range of shower chairs and stools, bath boards and anti-slip mats for a safe and calm everyday life.

Positioning cushions

For the right support, we have a selection of comfortable positioning cushions. Whether you need lumbar or cervical support, our cushions are designed to provide relief, support and stability.

Home support equipment
Home support - well-being

Technical aids

We understand that some everyday tasks can be more difficult because of physical limitations. That's why we offer a wide range of technical aids such as grippers, pill dispensers, stocking pullers, anatomical cutlery and much more. Make your activities easier!

More specific products

We also have a selection of specific equipment to meet all your needs. From slippers for diabetics to transfer aids, from cushions and mattresses to prevent bedsores to recliners and commode chairs, we have everything to improve your comfort and well-being.

Our heated range and memory foam pillows

For maximum relaxation, use products from our heated range to warm you up and soothe your muscles. What's more, our memory foam pillows provide optimum support for your head and neck for a restful night's sleep.

infirmière à domicile

Visit us online or in our shop!

Discover our selection and adopt the solutions best suited to your personal needs. Klinicare in Uccle is here to support you, advise you and make your everyday life more comfortable.

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